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About us

CleanPro Janitorial Services Ltd.

Established in 2009, we have a history of providing superb quality contract services for long term partnerships. With great team of employees, the ability to solve a wide variety of unique and not so unique challenges has become our trademark’s success.

We are family owned and operated business with many years of experience in Cleaning and Janitorial Services Industry, Landscaping and Snow Removal Services.

We are licensed, bonded and ensured with excellent references.

Services includes:

• Janitorial Services
• General Office Cleaning
• Floor Maintenance - Stripping/Sealant/Coating/Waxing
• Window washing – Exterior and Interior
• Kitchen and Kitchen Equipment Cleaning
• Restroom Sanitation
• Move in/out Cleaning
• Post Construction Clean up
• Specialty Cleaning

The CleanPro Janitorial Services Ltd. stands second to none in service, and with middle range marketplace pricing, a value to your business. The overall appearance should be your satisfaction right from the start. You will notice our performance the first day of our service and the personal care that our employees provide.

What Separates CleanPro from the pack?

• Our remuneration packages for our employees are generous. We believe that to EXCEL in the business CleanPro has to bring a clean and well-maintained work environment; we must offer a top level salary and benefits to deliver a service that puts good image forward to your customers and staff every time they enter your site.

• The training provided by CleanPro for their employees ensures proper use of cleaning equipment and chemicals at your building, all cleaning staff are WHMIS certified. This, in turn, BENEFITS you as a client with EXTENDED LIFE in floor, carpet, counter tops, glass, chairs, etc., hence translates, in a long term, to a LOWER FACILITY MAINTENANCE COST.


• CleanPro Janitorial Services Ltd. is committed to providing safe, healthy environment at all of our operating locations. We are dedicated to identifying, correcting and preventing health, safety and environmental hazards that could adversely affect our employees, customers or the public. CleanPro is COR (Certificate Of Recognition) certified by Alberta Association For Safety Partnerships and the Government of Alberta and a BBB Accredited Business member.

CleanPro Constantly monitors all locations with an in-house contact person to ensure CONTINUOS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

CleanPro and Green

• CleanPro is committed to delivering safe, reliable services in an environmentally responsible manner to the clients that we serve. We are committed to pollution prevention; the conservation of resources; and the continual improvement of our environmental management systems and performance. All cleaning products that we use are 100% environment frien.

Specialty Services Includes:

• Landscaping
• Snow Removal
• Parking Lot Maintenance and Line Painting
• Emergency and Restoration Clean ups
• Carpet Shampoo
• Ceiling Cleaning
• Window Cleaning

We also provide Lanscaping & Snow Removal Services

CleanPro Commercial Landscaping & Snow Removal Services


Contact Us for Free Estimates

Call us at (403) 277-8892 Cell: (403) 618-8509 or (403) 619-7187
or find us on:

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